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Swagelok Austria

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Field Engineering

On-site expertise for your fluid systems - anytime, anywhere

Our application experts, the Field Engineers, help you to ensure reliable, efficient and cost-optimized operation of your systems.

  • Continuous compliance with legal requirements in terms of safety and emissions
  • Increase the productivity of your fluid systems
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Maintaining or increasing profitability
  • Know-how transfer due to personnel departures (fluctuation/retirement)

We have built up a network of field engineers worldwide who can support you directly on site. Depending on the focus and industry, we put together an individual team of experts for you. This consists of:

  1. Your local Field Engineer Ana Dominguez (CH/AT)
  2. Experts from all over the world who are specialized in your field of application
  3. Engineers from Swagelok's worldwide development and production facilities


Global reach. Extensive expertise.


Our systems experts have industry experience and the knowledge to optimize fluid and sampling systems and recommend effective strategies for efficient maintenance and servicing.

Our Field Engineering team

  • builds on a foundation of more than 70 years of industry and technical expertise
  • has the support of 200 authorized sales and service centers in 70 countries on six continents
  • has in-depth experience with various OEM plant systems and equipment packages
  • undergoes a demanding training and development program to always deliver the best and most innovative technical solution
  • has already developed and optimized a wide variety of customer solutions and fluid systems. So, every single field engineer draws from a pool of practical applications and proven solutions
  • has a track record of increasing the safety and profitability of your systems, as well as reducing operating costs

Some application areas in fluid systems in which you can count on us:

Sample preparation systems in analytical technology

 Sampling systems

 Mechanical barrier systems for mechanical seals

 Gas distribution systems

 Steam systems, steam applications

 Steam lances for plant degreasing

 Pipe coils for gas lines in instrumentation

 Chemical dispensers for sterilization in hospitals

 Application-specific valve blocks

 Manifolds for multiple gas cylinders

 Pressure regulators switching stations

 Purge panels



Watch the video to learn how Swagelok field engineers use their extensive knowledge to optimize their customers' sampling systems.


Case study: Identifying causes of unreliable data

Swagelok field engineer

Are you sure your systems are working optimally? What if your analyzer is outputting incorrect data and not working as properly as you always thought?

A customer was unhappy with the long response times of their analyzer and called in our field engineers. The Swagelok team evaluated the system and determined that the gas was undergoing some phase changes as it traveled from the sampling point to the analyzer. Phase changes in a sampling line can mean that the sample analyzed in the analyzer is not representative of the process. In some circumstances, this may mean that the customer makes process engineering changes based on inaccurate data.

Working with a team of experienced field engineers (on-site or remote) and the customer, the following improvements could be achieved:

  • Phase changes were successfully avoided
  • Reaction times were significantly improved
  • Thanks to the representative analysis results of the process fluids, the customer now benefits from significantly improved process control


The global network of Swagelok Field Engineers responds quickly and works closely with you to optimize your plant operations and achieve maximum safety. In the process, all systems are reviewed and documented down to the last detail. At the conclusion, you receive a meaningful technical report with specific suggestions for improving your processes that you can implement immediately. The summary of the results is provided digitally and can be shared easily and quickly with your team. The detailed report includes:

  • Detailed description of the results
  • Suggested improvements for immediate implementation, prioritized by urgency
  • Quantified results of all recommended measures in case of implementation  
  • Concrete solution approaches

Do you need our help for your application? We look forward to hearing from you. | +43 2236 677079